Welcome to the 2019-2020 Studio year and an introduction to Skippy!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 by Colleen Branson | Uncategorized

Welcome students & parents,

As you all hopefully remember, lessons commence this same week as schools open.  I hope you are all rested and refreshed and ready to make some music!  

Remember to just knock and walk in in the minutes just prior to your lesson time.  If you arrive early, please wait in the car until it is almost your scheduled  lesson time (if possible).  Some students don’t mind having an observer for the last part of their lesson, but others are not comfortable having the next student sitting right behind them.  There is a hassock in the entrance way — unfortunately I do not have a “waiting room”.

Also, just to let you know that you may be greeted a little more noisily the next time you arrive.  A 3-legged canine friend of mine, Skippy, is staying with us.  She is a dog who we are fostering.  She will not be in the Studio area, and will not be in the entrance way unless you request to meet her.  She is very friendly but as with all new dogs, don’t pet her without asking their owner/friend.  

I am SO looking forward to seeing all of you again this week!