Here is a well written piece which is worth reading if you are having difficulty understanding my philosophy on time management.   Its a parent from Ottawa articulating her understanding of make up lessons in the piano teacher's world.  

The following is a link to an blog/article by Elissa Milne (an Australian composer and piano teacher) on what she feels you should do before entering the world of piano lessons...


Here's a link to a Ted talk on what happens in the brain of a musician actually playing music:


Another awesome blog article by Elissa Milne, well worth a read if you are a parent who wants to foster a learning environment for your child/children's musical growth.  (I wish I had the gift for writing that Elissa does!):

A great blog on helping your child succeed in piano at:     Hope you find time to read it.  

An excellent blog post by Benjamin Steinhardt on the physiology of the hand and fingers: